Get a clearer television picture today – With TV Antenna Installation and Repairs

You might not know whether you need a new TV antenna or if the old one can be repaired.

What you do know is that you could get a better picture through a mud-splattered window in a hailstorm than you can through your TV.

So let a Telesignal Antenna Systems work their magic to restore your clear TV picture.

Fact: “If we can repair a TV antenna we will”, but if your antenna has given up the ghost then we’ll provide you with a no-obligation transparent quote for a brand spanking new one.

We don’t make work for the sake of it, which is why our customer base stays so loyal; they trust that we’ll always try to find the most cost-effective solution for them.


Individual Antenna installation

Whether you are building a new home or just need an antenna upgrade, our TV Antenna Installation service covers all angles.

Ian, company owner and experienced antenna technician has spent his life working in Adelaide so he will know if there are any problems with the signal or reception in your area.

He will also advise for the best TV antenna position for the perfect signal, if you need a booster or amplifier, and which TV antenna would best suit your needs.

The quality of the TV antenna is crucial in order to get many years of usage with a crystal-clear picture.

This is why we use only high-quality Hills Antennas – made in Australia and renowned for their superior quality.

We have a wide range of these antennas to suit every type of reception area and every home.

antenna-installationAntenna installation includes:

  • All TV antenna wiring
  • Insertion of wall plates
  • Internal TV antenna point
  • Disposal of any old antenna
  • Final quality checks and connections


If you want to find out more about our antenna installation service then call us on 0417 809 403 for a friendly chat and a competitive quote.

We accept cash, cheque and eftpos payment so you have more than one way to pay.