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Is your entertainment system letting you down? Do you struggle to get a “clear TV picture” for your favorite shows?


Don’t put up with lackluster entertainment, or even worse risk doing the antenna installation yourself! Telesignal Antenna Systems can put the pizzazz back into your TV at prices to please your wallet.


Telesignal Antenna Systems is a family-run company and we specialize in “TV Antenna installation Adelaide” wide. Our fast and reliable service at affordable prices means you will be watching high quality TV and entertainment from your home sooner at a price that won’t damage your budget.

Antenna installation Adelaide

Our Adelaide services include:


  • Same day service Adelaide wide
  • TV Antenna supply & installation
  • Free Disposal of old Antennas
  • Extra TV Co-ax cable Points & Sockets
  • TV amplifiers and boosters
  • Reception repairs and troubleshooting
  • Home Theater Setup
  • Wall mounting TVs
  • TV Walls for bigger TV screen using additional television sets
  • DVD player and Blu-ray player setup
  • Audio Amplifier Installations
  • Surround Sound Speaker Installations
  • Stereo Player & Hi-Fi System Setup
  • Game Console System Setups
  • Setup your HD Digital TV
  • Supply High quality Hills antenna



TV Antenna’s installed Adelaide wide

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TV point installation

Extra TV Points & Co-ax cable connection points

We’ll put the extra TV co-ax cable point wherever you want it. On the wall in front of your bed so you can mount the tv on that wall and watch TV as you fall asleep at night, in the patio or Garage so your eldest son can have a hide away spot, its up to you, we’ll do it affordably with no trouble at all.



Better TV Reception with reception Amplifiers & Boosters

Few people might know this TV Reception booster method. An tv reception amplifier gets connected to your “antenna to TV” circuit and helps boost the UHF/VHF signal reception coming from the radio and TV Stations. Sometimes this method will help with minimizing pix-elation errors that occur on digital TV screens due to weak signal reception or interference from weather conditions.



TV Reception repairs & troubleshooting

Sometimes an TV reception problem may start due to corrosion or loose connector on the Antenna itself. Socket points on you wall can also become looser due to age and cable stress passed onto the socket point. All these issues can play a part into the quality of TV reception. The size and shape of the antenna can also determine how good your TV reception is. We’ll inspect all aspects of your antenna and TV reception to give you affordable solution for top Entertainment that won’t let you down.



Wall Mounting TV’s

Want a more modern look for your entertainment area? Get your flat screen TV mounted to your wall with our handy help. We’ll supply the bracket that holds up your TV and fix it to your wall of choice.



home theater installation adelaide

Home Theater Systems

We’ll set up your home theater to give you the best of TV right in your Home. We can set up speakers and wall mount TV’s to have your Home Entertainment just as you want it. We’ll install your audio amplifier and give you a surround sound experience that will have you think you are in a cinema down town, all with the luxury of being at home with the coffee and snacks just in the other room.



Multi-TV Wall’s

Multi TV walls are a great way to expand your TV Screen using 4 or more wall mounted TV Screens, These are a great option for TV Entertainment systems as the screen is projected 4 or more times bigger. We’ll install your TV wall ready for TV to PC software connection.



DVD player & blue ray CD Set up

We’ll setup your DVD or Blue ray CD player. Take out the complicated task and let us do it for you so we can simply tell you exactly what you need to do to watch High quality Movies at your home anytime.



TV audio power amplifier Set up

When you set up you Home Entertainment System you want to make sure you get all the effects possible including great sound. This requires good surround speakers with audio power amplifier’s to enhance the power of the audio signals output by the Surround Sound Speaker System. Great sound will give you the edge of your seat experience by watching movies and entertainment that are best watched with high output audio systems for that cinematic or theater feel.



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hills Antennas

We only use high quality Trusted Antenna Brands

We’ll provide receipt on purchase with manufacturers warranty. If you have a problem arise within warranty time you can rest assure that your product is going to get fixed.



Fast & affordable TV antenna & entertainment setups

Most jobs are carried out on the same day, including antenna installation & repairs, where we can go the extra mile for our customers, covering “all areas of Adelaide” including a broad area of Metro Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Gawler, Barossa and Yorke Peninsula.

For TV antenna installation or repairs across Adelaide

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TV antenna installation adelaide



Our Installation Process Ensures you get the best result for your entertainment needs

Analysis: We’ll Inspect your current set up and using industry safe tools so we can determine whether the problem can be fixed or if you need a new TV antenna system set up!

Implementation: We’ll then repair or install your system using best safety measures as well as install for you state of the art high quality optional add-on services such as TV wall mounting services and antenna wall points for another room in your house..

Result: We’ll then hand over to you fully enhanced TV quality to give you the entertainment solution you wanted from the start.



But Don’t Just take our word for it!

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Our smart deals include a full quote breakdown so you know exactly what you are paying for and we accept Cash, Cheque or EFTPOS. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a cent until the work is done and you are happy. Now that’s what we call a smart result!


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